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 National Black Theatre

Communication Arts Program Presents

#ACTIVISM: No Justice, K[no]w Peace! 

Open Wed, Feb. 11 - Closes Tue., March 31


“Activism is my rent for living on the planet.”

― Alice Walker 


The National Black Theatre’s Exhibit #Activism: No Justice! K[no]w Peace! is an iteration of our founding mission; to activate our audience and community through the authentic and unhindered expression of a liberated voice. This exhibit curated by NBT is as much an articulation of the rage and frustration we feel today, as it is an opportunity to give voice, space and presence to a much needed community healing.

Fifty years after the Civil Rights Act was passed, Black bodies still find themselves at the crossroads and in the crossfire of America’s ideology of “liberty” and “justice for all". The reawakened wave of activism we see spreading across the country is not just in reaction to the continued shootings and beatings of innocent unarmed African-American youth; it is in reaction to the powerlessness that the community feels in its inability to put a stop to them.

All of the art selected in this exhibit speak to this very sentiment, with the intention to counter the dangerous simplification of complex issues now characteristic of the mainstream media. For Art, unlike the mainstream media that simply covers the atrocities happening in our communities, allows its participants to slowly emotionally, physically and spiritually reflect on the nuance of this pain.

It is NBT’s desire and commitment to continue to build platforms of communication that help channel our outrage into actions that can facilitate systemic change and imagine creative solutions and visionary alternatives to a broken justice system.


Adrian Franks
Alex Seel
Ana  Ruiz-Castillo

Anthony J. Thomas
Byron McCray
Guy Beckles
Imani Vidal
Jay Espy
Kevin Byrd
Lance Johnson
Makeba Rainey
Naima (Climbing PoeTree)
Shenna Vaughn
Tyson Hall

HSA Visual Arts Department


Curated by
National Black Theatre


Dr. Barbara Ann Teer's

National Black Theatre
Institute of Action Arts