Workshop Production

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Scipio is dying. His estranged son visits. What happens when these two men meet after decades of silence? Blood takes us into the journey of Scipio's mind spanning time, reality, and blood memory to question the very essence of his own existence as a Black revolutionary, a father, a man.


This play was developed through the 

I Am Soul - Playwright Residency Program.

National Black Theatre Presents

Workshop Production of


By Nambi E. Kelley  

Director by: Elizabeth Van Dyke



James T. Alfred, Nixon Cesar,

Kristin E. Ellis & Roscoe Orman


Xavier  Pierce (Lighting)

Jane Shaw (Sound)

Belynda Hardin (Production Stagemanager)

Tola Ozim (Producing Fellow)

Denzel Faision (Production Art)

Dr. Barbara Ann Teer's

National Black Theatre
Institute of Action Arts