Community Engagements:

In conjunction with the production of Facing Our Truth, National Black Theatre in collaboration with Betty's Daughter Arts Collaborative have curated a full line-up of Community Engagements. These additional activities have been developed to maximize the potential for a deep conversation about race and privilege in America. The goal is to have a transparent conversation around how to generate change within our country. 



A Celebration of Life & Ancestors 

February 5, 2014


Opening the production of Facing Our Truth, Adeyemi Michael Lythcott and drummers, Shabu and associates, will lead a libation in celebration of the life of our ancestors. Following the 7:30 pm show, NBT will host a reception sponsored by Tonni’s Minnis. The reception will be led with an original music score from DJ Val.



#HoodiesUP : Art Exhibit 

February 5 - 10, 2014


Following the opening of Facing Our Truth, NBT will unveil #HoodiesUp: Art Exhibit. An exhibit that will showcase individual visual artist, such as Scott Campbell, Jose Parla, Byran McCray, Omo Misha, Druce Williams, Michael Singletary, Joya Powell, Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez, Jocelyn M. Goode, Ezekiel Fleming ; as well as artist represented by community organizations like Art in Flux Harlem (Tyson Hall, Makeba Rainey and Anthony J. Thomas), the Laundromat Project (Shani Peters), Harlem School of the Arts and Beats Rhythm and Relief. These artists were invited to take the iconic hoodie to create an artistic piece that embodies the complex conversation that this garment of clothing evokes within the American consciousness. 


Staging Our Truth: 

Discussion w/ Directors & Cast

February 6, 2014


How did the creative team of Facing Our Truth mount this production? Come join the directors [Ebony Golden & Axel Avin Jr.] and the ensemble [Maechi Aharanwa, TJ Allen, Paris Campbell, Khadim Diop, Marisa Duchowny, Renee Floresca, C. Kelly Wright, Cedric Leiba Jr., Reynaldo Piniella & Chinaza Uche] of the production as they speak about the process. The discussion will be moderated by Frank Leon Roberts.  



February 7, 2014


Stemmed from the idea that youth presence was overlooked in the Zimmerman trial, NBT will host an open-mic-night with the intent of bringing the youth to the forefront of the conversation sparked by Facing Our Truth. The conversation will be moderated by Special Guest.


Face to Face with our Truth

February 8, 2014 after 2pm show


To further the conversation brought on by these touching plays, NBT will host a symposium to have the community answer the question, “How are we raising our youth?” Bridget Antoinette Evans (Fuel will moderate the symposium. Present community facilitators will be Pastor Michael Walrond (First Corinthian Baptist Church),  Queennasira A. Sekou (Eye See You7) and Cheyanne Smith (Youth Activist)


Let's Talk About Race & Privilege
February 8, 2014 after 7:30pm show


Viewing race and privilege in our everyday life? An introspective on the complex layers the words "RACE", "PRIVILEGE" and how they manifest in our lives. Be present for a tranparent conversation about this hosted by Darlene Nipper (Deputy Executive Director of Task Force)



Discussion w/ Playwrights

February 10, 2014


To close out the production, we are presenting the audience with an opportunity to meet the voices behind the words. Playwrights Marcus Gardley, Mona Mansour, Tala Manassah, Dominique Morrisseau, Winter Miller and A. Rey Pamatmat will be at NBT to answer questions and further the conversation.  The discussion will be moderated by Piper Anderson.

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