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"This season, NBT has navigated the world through the eyes of the Black female playwright; and we complete this year-long journey with the healing power of laughter, through the nuance of identity." 

~Sade Lythcott, CEO of NBT.

June 2 - 28, 2015

“The development of ‘Fried Chicken & Latkes’ has been cathartic and this fully mounted version is the culminating event,” said Rain Pryor. “With Kamilah’s vision and the talent of a top-notch creative team, the June premiere marks the first time the show is more than me, a black curtain and a couple of black boxes. Thank the ancestors for creatives!”


Writer & Performer:

Rain Pryor


Kamilah Forbes

The hilariously, irreverent and poignant “Fried Chicken & Latkes” is Rain Pryor's one woman theatrical, cabaret-styled show based on her life growing up Black and Jewish. Pryor plays the 11 characters most pivotal to her life and takes her audience on a musical journey through the late 60s, 70s and 80s and some little-known family history. Along the way she offers a unique perspective on race, identity and the loss of her iconic father Richard Pryor.


Maruti Evans (scenic and lighting design)

Dede Ayite (costume design)

Eric Sluyter (sound design)

Katherine Freer (projection designer)

Ayisha Hunt (stage management)


Dr. Barbara Ann Teer's

National Black Theatre
Institute of Action Arts