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By Derek Lee McPhatter

Directed by: Mary E. Hodges


March 28 - April 1, 2018

Serious Adverse Effects ​is a sci-fi afro-futuristic play that follows an unconventional scientist, Dr. Vye. As Dr. Vye is on the cusp of a cure for a mysterious disease, she must find forgiveness from Paula to complete her research. With no reason to trust Dr. Vye, Paula must embrace the transformative potential of her own healing. From the marvels of the modern laboratory to the inner depths of the human psyche, Serious Adverse Effects is an imaginative contemporary drama inspired by the resilience of African-American women in the twenty-first century.

This play was developed through the 

I Am Soul - Playwright Residency Program.


Izmir Ickbal (Lighting & Set)

Emily Auciello (Sound)

Lianne Arnold (Projection)

Belynda Hardin (Stage Manager)

Chelsea Bria Russell (Production Manager)

Denzel Faison (Production Art)

National Black Theatre Presents

the Workshop Production of

Serious Adverse Effects

Dr. Barbara Ann Teer's

National Black Theatre
Institute of Action Arts