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Workshop Production

February 25 - 28, 2016


Doug Barron, David J. Cork, Lekethia Dalcoe, Ronald Kirk,

Kambi Gathesha, Audrey Hailes & C. Kelly Wright


Set in an asylum for the criminally insane of a dystopic future, "Zoohouse" is a twisted tale about who has narrative authority, where we keep history, and whose lives matter. Destined for an explosive conclusion, The inmates of "Zoohouse" find themselves on a dark and surreal ride fueled by the psychological, sexual, political and social topics that permeate our everyday lives.


*This piece is being developed through NBT's

I Am Soul Playwright Residency

Meet The Team


Aurin Squire


Ebony Noelle Golden


Alan Edwards (scenic and lighting design)

Taylor Carter Jones (costume consultant)

John Emmett O'Brien (sound design)

Candis Jones (assitant director)

Peyton Berry (dramaturgic research)

Belynda Hardin (stage management)


Dr. Barbara Ann Teer's

National Black Theatre
Institute of Action Arts